Tico Owned Businesses in Nosara

Nosara is a place with a wealth of history that begins and ends in the center of Nosara.

Nosara is a community of skilled Ticos who all have a story and a skill to share. These skills and stories come from a city with a history of survival where the modern age didn’t arrive until only 10 years ago. In reality Nosara as newcomers see it is only a few years old and overall is still adapting to the modern age. For this reason it is something amazing to embrace the Nosara that keeps the community alive and growing like it is.

We welcome you to embrace Nosara’s Tico owned businesses and support them and their products and services. These are the folks who are behind the strength that makes Nosara so special and so unique that people from all over the world are finding their way here.

Help us introduce these newcomers and visitors to the Tico owned businesses. The dressmakers, the bakers, the laborers, the attorney, the restaurants, the churches, the bars, the horse tours, the surf shops, the tour companies, and MORE!!!!

If you are a Tico business owner this Free directory is where you want to be so we can make sure everyone knows how to find you.